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  1. Plus it was In a finals match i doubt the people who paid got their moneys worth in entertaining football.

  2. As a die hard Arsenal fan I hate every team you’re talking about but I think that Chelsea hanging in until they found a hole is shitty football. Im not arguing whether they deserved it or not because that would assume Chelsea were just picking their noses and happened to counterattack and win. Hard work is the only way to get a sense of entitlement, but like I said Chelsea were playing like they knew they couldn’t do it. To me thats kind a whack,but I’m not a chelsea fan so..

  3. Dortmund my second favourite team in the world! i wish sporting lisbon followed the same policy as them. Love from portugal <3

  4. If every team implements the Chelsea style of anti-football, then that will be the end of the game. Go read Johan Cruyff’s comments about the final.

  5. When someone like Johan Cruyff says he would rather not play at all than win by playing how Chelsea does, then it makes perfect sense. That was the most undeserved CL victory of all time. Beating Barca by playing hardcore Catenaccio is not that special tbh. Bayern beat themselves that night. Chelsea were spectators all along. If you think otherwise, then you didn’t watch the game, or don’t understand football. If every team starts playing how Chelsea play, then that is the end of football.

  6. als bayernfan ist man ebenfalls erfolgsfan , nj die letzten jahre eher weniger 😀

  7. So you wanna tell me the Bundesliga is worse than the Serie A? That must be a bad joke.. Did you ever watch the Bundesligay lately or the Serie A? I do agree with floman that he should stay in Dortmund for atleast 2 more years, hes still young and got time. One day we will see him playing for Barca, Real or ManU but theres no need to hurry, give him some time. And its not like Dortmund is nothing, they dominated the league lately

  8. Villreal, Athletico and Sevilla aren’t even much better than Schalke, Stuttgart or Leverkusen and not even close to challanging Barca and Real. They are also in huge debt like most spanish clubs while bundesliga clubs are almost debt free. Also we have better stadiums, fans and average attendence which adds to the quality of a league. In my opinion Bundesliga is overall the better league. 🙂

  9. Athletico madrid, Seville, Villa real, these are all teams with great players in then and that do challenge the titans that are Real Madrid and Barca.

  10. haha if you look at the quality of the league overall, the bundesliga is much better then Spain and italy… only the premier league is better in overall quality.
    Isnt it spain where barca and real are place one and two for like the last 20 years?

  11. What? Stay where the leagues are ran by three teams? Yeah that’s a great thing because you know he would definitely improve by playing blatantly inferior teams – Spain, Italy or England would be the best place for him to go…

  12. das Problem ist ob sich die Griechen überhaupt leisten können gegen uns zu spielen die müssen sich ja schon zusammenreißen wenn sie die Münze bei der Platzwahl vom Schiri sehen das sie die nicht wegnehmen und wegrennen 😀

  13. not really a butthurt fan seeing as united didnt even make it to the knockout stages so i didnt really care about the champions league this season. Tell me how many times out of 100 will messi and robben both miss a penalty and their respective teams have around 40 shots on goal…..Because they were the worse team? i dont think so.

  14. Nunja vl wird der Grieche am Freitag Götzes Fähigkeiten live erleben dürfen^^

  15. lol u sound like a really butthurt fan. Bro if we have 20 percent possession and we are beating top teams everytime that s their issue not ours. Call it luck if u want but if we win by being lucky every single time i dont mind that

  16. “who the fuck deserves to win??” Not the way chelsea played they do not. Try looking at it from footballs perespective or even bayerns.. The better team lost on more than one occasion against chelsea. Its called luck. cbf argueing, you’ll just comeback with some jumbled up paragraph synonymous to your first.

  17. WTF by that logic the only teams that deserve to win are bayern madrid and barca, football is not a moral issue, its a sport. The teams that step up and score when they need to are the ones that succeed and everyone else failed. The only team being laughed at is real for that pathetic penalty by ramos. Did not deserve to win is the shittiest claim in the world, who the fuck deserves to win??

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