The Evolution Continues

Sports Coaching is always about evolution, be it any sport. You might be the best coach in one era, but, if you are not upgrading, your ways would be figured out and would be countered.

New people keep coming and always bringing something new to the game. Everything has to be followed and studied and whatever is there to be taken for the enhancement of your system should be taken.

Tite, who is now the head of the coaching department at Selecao, is someone who is a big believer of this theory. He travels across continents to see how the managers and the coaches work in different areas.

The 55-year old had a tour of Europe before his glorious spell with the Corinthians in the Brazilian League last year and his formations in that tournament had a touch of Europe in it.

A hard-core Brazilian fan might not even like it for Brazilian Football has always been related to class and artistry. European style might seem Pragmatic, but, so what? You just have to do with productivity, haven’t you?

First week into his Brazil chair and Tite has begun his work already. He will be one of the faces in the dignitaries’ box this evening when Chile and Colombia go loggerheads in Round of 4.

The Brazilians are playing one of their next two World Cup qualification matches against Colombia and the coach is evidently keen to observe the strengths and weaknesses of what would be a not-so-mean opposition.

Given the lose situation of Brazil in the scheme of things in CONMEBOL, it is now about them fetching maximum output off every single match they are into. Finishing inside or at no. 4 in South America is essential for straight qualification.


Brazil managed to beat Spain 3-0 in the final of the Confederations cup to win the trophy once again in their illustrious history. After the match, Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has said that this victory could prove to be the start of a great period for the national team. Scolari was appointed in place of Mano Menezes several months ago, but the results have so far been disappointing. The Confederations cup saw Brazil play in competitive matches for the first time in two years, but they did not disappoint as they managed to dominate their opponents throughout the tournament.

The domination continued against world and European champions Spain as well. Spain are coming into the tournament as the clear favourites after having lifted the World Cup and the European Championships in the last five years. However, they were beaten soundly by the Brazilian team possessing the likes of Neymar and Oscar. Neymar has been one of the standout players in the tournament and he dominated the opposition once again. He scored a goal for his efforts, while Fred was once again at the right place at the right time to score two.

This is the second spell in charge of the national team for Scolari, and he is delighted to have tasted success once again.

“I don’t think I could feel any better than how I am right now. I thought that any positive result would be great and to beat them 3-0, that is much better than I imagined. But I also believe that overall, not only because of the score but the way we played, we had a very good match. Now I am able to dream that we have an idea, that we have a path ahead of us, and that we have a good team to play in the World Cup next year as equals with other strong contenders,” said Scolari.


The Brazilian national team manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has said that the team has to cut out the mistakes if they are to win the Confederations cup that will take place in the summer. The former Chelsea manager was recently appointed as the successor for the recently sacked Mano Menezes. He has been given the task of once again guiding a Brazilian team that is not at its best in recent years. Despite having some of the best talent in world football like Oscar and Neymar, Brazil have not been able to dominate the tournaments. They recently lost at the London Olympics 2012 in addition to the failures at the Copa America.

The group stages of the Confederations cup has recently been announced with Brazil facing Japan, Mexico, and Italy in the group stages. The 64-year-old manager has said that Brazil have the opportunity to win this tournament, but only if they cut out the mistakes. He has said that this will be a great chance to see the potential of the team because the group is extremely balanced. The technical assistant of the national team Carlos Alberto Parreira also said the same about the national team. If they commit any mistakes in the group stages, then it will be extremely tough to win the competition itself according to the technical assistant.

“It is an interesting draw because the teams in our group are all very balanced. It is a good chance to see our potential in these matches. We cannot choose who we are going to face in the first match but the order is not going to change our ambitions. We have to cut out any mistakes against those three teams,” Scolari told Globo. “This group does not give us any chance to make mistakes,” said Parreira.


The Brazilian national team manager Mano Menezes has said that he is of the opinion that the current national team is extremely young, and it could certainly do with the presence of a few experienced players like Kaka. The 30-year-old Real Madrid midfielder was recently called up for the Brazilian national team after a gap of more than two years. During this period, Brazil have pressed to go back to their roots by playing a passing style of football rather than the counter-attacking style that became popular less than a decade ago. However, results have been mixed so far and the Brazilian manager recently called up the experienced campaigner in the form of Kaka.

He has backed his decision to bring the 30-year-old backed international fold despite the fact that he has played very little football over the last few seasons due to the culmination of poor form and a number of injuries. He has said that the team with the likes of Neymar and Oscar is extremely young, and it needs the presence of players like Kaka in order to flourish. The Real Madrid midfielder has so far represented the national team in 84 matches and has scored 29 goals. He is expected to be picked for the 2013 Confederations cup if he retains his fitness levels.

“Football is not just about experience. But it is clear that we need it and that is very important. Kaká is already known from other major competitions and we respect him for that. I see a lot of other international selections, and compare. There are several players who have over 100 games and we have a group that is not there yet. We will try to do the best possible with a mix of youth and experience,” said the Brazilian national team manager.


The Brazilian midfielder Lucas Mora has said that it will take awhile before the national team gets used to playing without some of the high-profile names like Kaka and Ronaldinho. The Brazilian national team has always been synonymous with extremely high profile players like Ronaldo, who was followed by Ronaldinho and Kaka. However, the Brazilian national team is now in a transformation state with a number of the star names either close to the end of their careers or not in the best of shapes. As a result, the current national team manager Mano Menezes has tried to bring in a number of young players with a view of building for the future.

The 19-year-old Lucas Mora is one among the players to be part of the national team that is being reshaped by Mano Menezes. However, Mano Menezes has come under intense criticism of late for the poor performances of the national team, despite the fact that they have been successful in the last four matches. Brazil recently managed a lacklustre 2-1 win over Argentina, who rested a number of high profile players like Lionel Messi. It took a last-minute penalty from Neymar to win the match, which did not please the Brazilian fans. However, Mora has called for patience because it will take time to integrate these new players.

“People are a little impatient I guess, we are performing well but we had a difficult time against Argentina, because it was a complicated match. They kept themselves behind the ball at all times and waited for us to attack. But we worked hard to find spaces, and we were rewarded with the late penalty scored by Neymar. I know that the Selecao isn’t having its best moments, Mano Menezes is still looking for a way to make this team click,” said Lucas.