The Federations of Spain and Portugal have officially confirmed that they will promote a joint candidacy to organize the 2030 World Cup, which will follow the already assigned editions of Qatar 2022 and the United States, Mexico and Canada, in 2026.

The two Iberian federations have informed the governments of both countries and they have full support.

Spain and Portugal already presented themselves as venues for the 2018 World Cup, which finally won Russia’s candidacy. 

The Iberian offer was eliminated in Zurich on December 2, 2010, on a day that was then investigated by the FBI as a separate for financial misconduct and the alleged purchase and sale of votes that occurred in the allocation of the headquarters of the World Cup. 

The 2018 and 2022 editions, awarded that day, were the last ones chosen with the votes of the members of the FIFA Executive Committee – then composed of 23 people.Now it is bestowed on all the 209 presidents of the federations of the world.

With their joint plan, Spain and Portugal will compete to host the 2030 World Cup, in which they will celebrate the centenary of the tournament.

They will have as great rivals Argentina and Uruguay, who disputed the first final and have long since announced their intention to attend to host the World Cup.Meanwhile Qatar will offer two training grounds to each team in the 2022 World Cup

The preparations of the training camps for the teams that will participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are underway. The natural grass playgrounds will be available to the participants and will be a legacy for the country. Apart from those that are underway, many others will be improved.

New fields are being built in Qatar, while others that already meet the requirements are conditioned. Among the stadiums that are improved are the first and second division clubs. 

Mengniu Dairy Seeks World Cup Sponsorship

When it comes to the World Cup it is a chance for sponsorship and global promotions for many countries. For the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022, a Chinese dairy giant is looking to gain sponsorship contract.

Mengniu Dairy from China is a giant in the country and known as the second largest dairy producer for China is looking to gain sponsorship deals with FIFA. They are in talks with the football authorities for this. The forthcoming World Cup would be held in Qatar and it would be an opportunity for the company to boost its image and create brand awareness across the globe.

The company had previously sponsored the 2018 World Cup that was held in Russia. This had been to the amount of 1 billion RMB or 149 million USD. It feels that its brand recognition, as well as revenue, was greatly boosted by that event. The sales of the company grew by 14% which was despite no discounts being offered to the customers. This has been a change as compared to previous years when they have achieved growth rates by offering discounts on different products.

Hence, it makes sense that Mengniu would seek to expand its brand by associating themselves with FIFA world campaigns. Besides the association with FIFA world cup campaign, their foreign sales remain small. The company hopes that they would be able to expand into foreign segments in this manner. The current target of the company is in Southeast Asia. They have already invested in a production plant in Indonesia where operations have started in November last year. They are now looking to expand to markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Indeed, there is much that is being done about the forthcoming World Cup in 2022. The event’s organization has the city planners in Qatar busy while FIFA doles out sponsorship deals.


The 2014 World Cup is 5 months away from beginning as it is scheduled to initiate on June 12 but as the time approaches, concerns and doubts keep on emerging with the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter saying that Brazil is the host nation that has enjoyed having 7 years to get ready for the worldwide competition but still are far behind.

Blatter told Swiss newspaper 24 Heures on Monday that Brazil “is the furthest behind of any host country since I’ve been at FIFA and moreover, it’s the only one that had so much time – seven years – to prepare itself. Brazil has just realized what it means to organize a World Cup”.

Brazil already missed the deadline of December 31 which was the date that FIFA had appointed for the stadiums to be clear and ready but after going through a number of issues that range from financial problems to construction accidents on the actual stadiums, all of these incidents have delayed Brazil from being on time with the World Cup that edges closer and closer.

Even families living in Brazil are protesting against the decisions that FIFA as well as the country are making towards the implementation of the World Cup. Veronica Maria da Silva and her husband had to evacuate their home of Camaragibe from where they have lived for over 30 years.

The property is being appropriated by the city of Camaragibe in order to make room for an expanded urban transit hub; it’s just 1 of the many infrastructures and constructions that is being rushed to be completed before the World Cup begins.

The family is unable to buy a home and will be forced to rent somewhere where they are able on doing so. They did get a compensation for their house but they insist in saying that it is just not enough to buy or get another place to stay. According to Elias Ignacio, the father of the family he went to an independent assessor who valued their property at 440,000 reals which is around $185,000 but then were given just 150,000 reals.