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  1. NO!!!!! that is an awful decision apart from lewandoski. Dzeko is pretty shit and would command ridiculous wages. Huntelaar would have no desire to join and has an awful ego/ high wage/ and will soon be on the decline. Lewandowski is solid, I can’t doubt that, but would be expensive. Giroud will be a good buy. Strong, fast, good finishing, Highest scorer in the French League. The only reason he failed to make an impact was because they weren’t playing with any conviction to start with.

  2. the thing is that giroud had chances and he wasted them he wasn’t even that impactfull for france as a sub, for a bit more money you try and get dzeko in part exchange along with 17 mil. for van persie , or you go after huntelaar,lewandowski or any other cf in europe…

  3. who’s’ bottom half? Is it your *****r’s bottom half? can she control all these 11 guys and keep them there for the entire season

  4. I think RVP will leave so buy Lewandowski (£18mil) he said he likes Arsenal, buy M’vila (£17mil) said recently he likes Arsenal and buy Belhanda next year because I dont think he is leaving this year but i am afraid the other clubs like City,United and Madrid will come in. Especially the Manchester clubs because they missed out on Hazard, he is a similar player. We already have Giroud and Podolski which is good. We may need a versatile defender as well

  5. Marvin Martin has went to Lille…Dzagoev would be a gd backup if we were.to buy a CAM.

  6. if Arsenal can buy Lewandowski for 16M than sall RVP fol 30 and the atack would be the same, Levandowski is younger too and has prespekive

  7. Yann M’Vila is prfect at its place… No need f Dempsey… Marvin Martin s a good targt… Belhanda s a nice playr… dese 3 r enuf…

  8. true. but playing 2 strikers would upset the balance of the french team..You can’t change a whole team based on the needs of 1 player. I seriously doubt giroud is a bad buy. We will wait and see next season

  9. As I said.. if Giroud was that good he would be played beside Benzema. Plus, La Liga is hardly a competitive league is it?

  10. If he was that good they’d play 4-4-2. I could easily name 5 strikers.. it is all down to my opinion so it isn’t worth naming 5.

  11. wait that is avoiding my question..name 5 better strikers in the world then Benzema. form is temporary, class is permanent

  12. that is seriously stupid. You couldn’t name more than 5 stikers in the world that could displace benzema from a team
    Doesn’t mean that Giroud is bad at all even if he is on the bench

  13. Why are u commenting on this vid and criticising Arsenal players and transfer targets? Fuck off. And btw Demspey is versatile, he played CF and ST for Fulham this season whilst playing LM for USA.

  14. van Persie will leave. He would love to stay and win things but Arsenal won’t win anything for a long long time.

  15. I agree both of them have had terrible Euro’s. Your comment just made it seem like you had branded them both as bad players simply because they have had bad Euro tournaments. Also, I don’t believe that Giroud will be a replacement for van Persie.

  16. I’m not saying he isn’t world class I’m just saying he’s had a terrible Euro’s. Don’t cry about it. Accept it.

  17. And? Van Persie missed plenty of chances this season for us too. Giroud scored 25 goals last season for Montpellier. How can you make judgements on players based on their Euro performances? Remember it’s not uncommon for world-class players to completely fail at international tournaments (look at Rooney for example he must have been “terrible” back in 2010).

  18. Van Persie has had chance after chance, most of them being clear-cut. If he buried them they would have topped the group. Giroud can’t even get into the France team that’s how “great” he is.

  19. How can you say Giroud has been terrible at the Euros when he hasn’t even played yet? Also the whole Holland team were terrible, not just van Persie.

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