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  1. lol. Congrats on the worst team since bayer leverkusen to win the CL. You should be proud your team is made of criminal money, played anti football, parked a plane in front of goal, and had unbelievable luck.

  2. lulz…you all are delusional. Chelsea got lucky beyond belief. Chelsea will get schooled by Bayern…i’m thinking 4-0

  3. BARCA ARE SHIT they lost to 10men with out CBs and no Forwards! HA ur own manager is leaving u cause ur so SHIT!

  4. well Pep’s gone,messi cnt do shit against chelsea,barca’s defence sucks(chelsea scored from the only chances they had),nd u say l’pool have an easy final….ya thats funny coz they are just europa league prospects while chelsea r potential uefa champs. league winner nd guess wat they jst fuckin dumped barca 3-2….if i were u i wld be ashamed of barca….chelsea are the best

  5. Jt got red card, defended with 10 men and people still ahve the nerve to say Chelsea is shit! Oh please Chelsea showed the rest of the World how to defeat Barcelona
    Chelsea Til I Die!

  6. Now barca fans can’t accept the fact that they can’t beat a team that weren’t as strong as it is few years back .

    Di Matteo knew Barca can’t beat a 10 man defense . So he utilized it .

    You mad you can’t beat Chelsea ? 😀

    Even Torres managed to scored . Hahah 😀

  7. lol when you need to defend you defend! do you think barca might have tried to score when they are in a position to defend?
    by the way defending is a part of football( where DIVING is not!)
    you lost.. just digest it.

  8. If you haven’t watched other Chelsea matches, Chelsea does not usually play pure defensive, but that was the only weapon against Barca’s silly tiki taka passing game.

    And stop with the Chelsea hate. “Napoli is going to rape Chelsea! Benfica is going to rape Chelsea! Barca is going to rape Chelsea!” Bayern is going to rape Chelsea!” We’ve heard enough, and you are just an immature Farca bandwagon fanboy.

    Let’s see how much you still support Barca when Pep Guardiola leaves and Barca slumps.

  9. its called tactics. Why then do you need a coach. Play your style. i’ll play my style, whoever scores more wins

  10. ok cool. Im happy im not a chelsea fan cuz if i was i would be ashamed. also liverpool has a easy fa cup final too lol

  11. one di matteo , theres only one di matteo!. GIVE THE MAN THE JOB REGARDLESS OF THE NEXT FEW GAMES

  12. you really think chelsea will beat bayern?? hahah the only reason chelsea beat barca was because yall had 10 defenders in the box. chelsea needs to learn how to play football i thought they were a football team

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