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  1. he said that he was really disappointed that he hardly ever played last season and he would have loved to be loaned off some where. it was in the paper´╗┐ when torres was saying about his bad season but now torres is fine ­čÖé

  2. only on loan. he doesn’t want to leave the club. playing for chelsea´╗┐ was his childhood dream. ­čśŤ

  3. No way! He’ll stay in Chelsea, because we need him now.´╗┐ We need a striker like him instead of Drogba.

  4. NO do not bring in Falcao just cuz DD left, lukaku´╗┐ is just 19 and drogba came to this club at 28 years of age, so lukaku can be better(lets hope)!!

  5. Lukaku Can’t Be Like Drogba, they have to Bring in Falcao. He’s´╗┐ good as Drogba

  6. GOODBYE DROGBA will always be a legend… But he aint left yet so u never know… But if´╗┐ this is´╗┐ it ill never forget Chelsea vs Barcelona 2005 UCL quater’s, Chelsea vs United 2006 FA cup final, Chelsea vs Wigan 2010 Last day of premier league, Chelsea vs Barcelona 2012 UCL Semi’s, Chelsea vs Liverpool 2012 FA cup final and obviously Chelsea vs Bayern munich UCL Final. Funny how since I was 8 I have grown up watching him play making me the happiest CFC fan ever, hope he dont leave

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