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  1. Apparently Chelsea wasn’t a famous team in 1998. Go fuck yourself twat. Twice European cup winners, 2 fa cups, euro super cup, league cup, and a championship title. Might be a yard or so behind some teams, but fucking miles ahead of others. ( steps off of soap box)

  2. JT is one of Chelsea’s finest ever players and usually an excellent on-field leader. He was one of the world’s best CBs, too. Yet it’s not a case of my captain right or wrong: his actions against Barca almost cost his club dearly and a club captain must show better leadership and judgement than that. If he could have played, the demons of Moscow would have fully been exorcised. Personally, I still like him a lot, and because Chelsea is my club I have high expectations of its captain.

  3. Chelsea should have a statue of Abramovich.

    Without Abramovich, no Didier Drogba, no Premier League wins, no Champions League. ABRAMOVICH IS CHELSEA!!!

  4. lol the guy at the begining is eager to touch the trophy, LIKE TIMOCHUK… LOLOLOLOLOLO…

  5. i agree wth you on some levels but to be honset torres had a right to be upset about not starting, i mean no offence to ryan.b hes a great player but come on torres could of played better and when he came on he play amazing! 🙂

  6. i do but if i pay 50 mil i don’t want to wast 1 and a half years till he gets on form

  7. I was crynig when we won European Champiship beacaus I was happy and now I’m crying because drogba will go away and I think that Drogba is the best Chelsea player of all time! Drogba if you see this reameber that you will always be in our <3

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