24 replies on “Chelsea FC – Blues News Headlines”

  1. Sky Sports area actually going on what he said on twitter.. nothing has been finalized, I’ve been saying that but nobody believes me.. If he does come good and well.. but it’s not official at all yet.. so I agree with you.

  2. cech has been the best keeper in last ten years miles better than the overrated casillas.

  3. I think Kagawa is not good to Chelsea, we have Mata and Marin… Hulk can play as CF too

  4. Petr Cech, irreplacable! Although Cortouis will become a new world class keeper!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with being confident but he’s cocky hope he isn’t like sturridge and greedy 🙂

  6. i think Lukaku will not leave on Loan now, Chelsea has good Youngs: Piazon, De Bruyne. Lukaku, Josh Mch.. (forget), Bertrand, Hutchinson, Chalobah, Marin, Mata (exp. but included too) and now Hazard. How can people complain about Chelsea age?? Looks like Arsenal right now LOL

  7. Let’s not get over the moon with Hazard just yet. Wouldn’t want anything to happen like Robinho when he decided to snub us at the very last minute for Manchester City.

  8. i know hazard is good but the way he chooses the club he wished to go is kinda like, everyone needs him.

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