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  1. thats just EPL fixture….wat about community shield, euro super cup, league cup, fa cup, Champs league and club world cup…….tons of games LOL! Hell of a season for us!!!!!!

  2. If he couldnt break out the Dijon team and only made 14 app as a sub, why in the world do you think he would make the Chelsea Champions League winners team??As fotr sturridge, ya he should go to City so if he doesnt pass Balotelli will shoot him with darts.

  3. he’s mentaly weak to be world class. He kept being on the bench where ever we loaned him. At Bolton, Fulham, and now Djon.

  4. Spain completed 353 passes in the first half against Croatia, only 10 of those passes were to Torres. He can’t fucking score without the ball! fuck xavi, iniesta and silva. sturridge and malouda would have passed to him more than 10 times.

  5. Chelsea sack those stupid members of staff that snapped the handle off of the european cup!

  6. why on earth would you say that… have you seen what he did with Dijon?? he was their key player… if he was having a bad day then Dijon would struggle deeply… all he needs is a chance at Chelsea just like Sturridge was given a chance and just like Torres was given 2 years chance to shine.

  7. Please ignore Hulk…i know i’ve said bring him in but NO we don’t need him…sell Sturridge to Citeh we don’t need him either,he has a big ego and would go for glory everytime he’s infront of the net instead of passing it safely.replace him with the one and only Gael Kakuta on the right wing, he’s a great talent..he deserves to be a regular starter,in his 14 apps for Dijon he scored 4 and assisted 2 considering most the games he came on as a late sub.he was their key man and surely will be ours

  8. We don’t need any new strikers Ffs, sturridge is a highly capable striker as he’s proven, lukaku may also have some part too this season, this is all considering that Torres plays shit which is looking less an less likely every game

  9. I think we desperately need a new striker. I know everyone thinks torres is back and all this shit but we cant rely on him to deliver like we could with the king of wembley (drogba). We need to buy a striker like cavani, doumbia or even hulk but that is a fall back cos i dont think hulks asking price is fair.

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