Chelsea Star John Obi Mikel Allegedly Assaults Female Journalist

John Obi Mikel is the midfielder for Chelsea. He has been accused of assaulting a female journalist when on international duty with Nigeria. This happened when he was leaving after his training with his team when the reporter asked him for an interview. The reporter was from KISS FM and had approached him in Ajuba. He was just leaving with his Nigerian fellow mates. The BBC broadcaster reported that the player had completely lashed out when the reporter had approached him and asked for an interview. It was the BBC reporter Oluwashima Okeleji who had brought this into light of the public. He had tweeted about the incident and had described about how Nigerian John Obi Mikel had lost his temper when asked an interview after the training session. However, sources such as the team media officer Ben Alaiya with whom the reporter worked has said that she had forgiven John for his actions and has no hard feelings.

Sources have also revealed that this incident of assault that took place was not long after days of a similar incident. The former media officer of the Super Eagles Colin Udoh had said that the Chelsea player had even assaulted him when back on a plane from Sudan. It was a return from a match where the Eagles were beaten 1-0. The officer had said that John had assaulted the former captain of the team. John has also been accused of having used harsh comments and to have made few word choices for the other team members.

The incident has not been liked by most people and so the star is hoping it gets brushed away as quickly as possible. He wants to concentrate and focus on club football and to be a star for the Blues. You can be ready for an interesting set of week ahead.