25 replies on “First News interviews Arsène Wenger thanks to Citroën”

  1. Stupid cunt chelsea haven’t signed hulk!..and yeah arsenal sign podolski and giroud…so troll of you fuckin stoma

  2. Chelsea signs Hulk & Hazard, Utd sign Kagawa, Arsenal signs Chinese prodigy Fa-Kin No-Wan xD

  3. wen u go to school, go to school WIS th ball, and when you come back home, come back WIS the ball

  4. Its cool seeing Arsene happy and excited! dont see that too much but when you do it makes it worth while. Anyway does anyone know who this kid is???

  5. Cute. Arsené is just an old man being nice an friendly to a child here. This is amazing.

  6. i swear to god, i thought he’s gonna say fabregas. 😛
    but apparently we got new players, fabreganski.

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