24 replies on “Hilarious Arsenal fans on Sky Sports News”

  1. ThumbsUp if its the Ginger head presence in this vid who was hilarious

  2. Damn, this guy keeps so cool and collected with all these people around him. Pretty impressive actually haha.

  3. Wow Charlton sigend 18 players in the summer. No wonder there storming through league 1

  4. You are fuming, I wrote 5-2 originally and you replied with an essay, if it didn’t bother you you wouldn’t have responded with such emotion.
    One thing about all you sad 5pur2 fans, you are deluded and you get riled very easily when results don’t go your way ie the thrashing you said you’d give us months before the game because of our poor form.

    Feel free to continue mourning, keep replying as we all know you poor sods need a shoulder to cry on.

    God bless arry’.

  5. I’m not fuming about the result anymore you boring kid. It’s annoying when Arsenal fans still go on about it weeks after it happened. And if you watched us against United you will know we didn’t play shit.

    Just so you know, I never expected to keep that 13 point gap over you and the chavs. We had fun, had a bit of a title shout at one point but I always knew it would be close at the end. We’ll just have to see in May who comes out on top

  6. 5-2 happened this season, if you wanna talk about the past the list is endless, 52 years since you won the league etc etc.

    Sounds like your lot are still fuming at that result lol, weakest Arsenal side only 4 points behind the strongests 5pur2 side ever. Ever since we thrashed you your side have been playing like shit, Gareth fails endless diving won’t save you

    4 months in 3rd and you let Arsenal and chelsea catch up with you lol, why arent you closing the gap on utd? poor arry

  7. lol what do you want a fucking medal? Well done for creating a quote and admitting you’ve been pretty crap this season. You played well we played shit. It’s over with now I’m over it, Spurs fans are over it. It’s just you lot that still get wet over it. Oh and Ar5ena1 if you want to play that game.

  8. Which is why this quote was created—-> ”The Worst Arsenal Side In 15 Years Thrashes The Best spurs (I mean) 5pur2’s Sdie In 50 Years.”

    Created by a Gooner admitting our poor form. We’ve been poor this season, you’ve been good so why did you let us beat you like that after a 2 nil headstart.

    We are still talking about the NLD a week later because we were expecting the scoreline to be reversed.

    See I’m a Gooner and adnit we’ve been crap.

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