You forgot to add where he gets shut down by Pepe everytime they met last season

wel i dnt kno but i watch this video over 20 times jah kno messi is the best there’s no doubt in that. this lil player is just amazing the way how he moves the dribbling

I remember the time where Real Madrid supporters were WORLD CLASS! The time when every one applauded Ronaldinho for his performens in Bernabeu, RESPECT to the old generations of Real supporters!! But every since Mourinho and Ronaldo(fake) came to Real Madrid it all changed. Kids and Ronaldo fans started to support Real Madrid and you guys are a discrace to the club and legends like Zidane and Ronaldo(real one)!

Tom Boxer ft. Morena & J Warner – Deep In Love
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for everyone who wants to know the first song’s names are:
1. deep in love
2. if we ever meet again

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