no duh de gea is better than lindegaard i mean seriously de gea is a van dar sar junier.This guy has more saves than lindegaard and de gea is a great goalkeeper and i see a great future ahead of him

Player of he year: I’ll have to say Giggsy. Always brilliant.
Keepers: Rotate them like Sir Alex is doing at the moment.
Who would I expect more from: Anderson overall throughout the year, but I’m starting to have some doubts about Evra so far this season, what I mean is I’m not having the same confidence I had when someone was going up against Evra,
Jones at CB or Midfield: I’ll have to say midfield, he could be a 5 defender in front of the back four and still go up anytime.

how can anyone expect de gea to make an instant impact? he came from an average team at the age of 20 and then straight into a team who expect high expectations, no wonder he’s not had the best starts

my question is when will cleverly come back from injury and is anderson fully recovered after 45 mins against blackburn?

Lindegaard in goals, I dont care what De Gea cost Lindegaard is our best option at the minute De Gea’s time will come.

Jones in Midfield his energy would be wasted at the back

Nani player of the year, no question

I thought we would see more of Macheda in 2011, well in fact i have been waiting since he scored that goal against Villa to show his true potential, hopefully his loan to QPR will help him

SAF is great, but his arrogance, and thought of “I am always right” really screws the team at times.

My question is would you spend money in january or would you give anderson/cleverly a chance as our starting centre midfielders ?

De Gea still thinks he is in Spain, I mean just look at the game we had versus Blackburn, he looks at the ref all the time! And thank you for the videos, they are great!

My question is…do you think Fergie was right to drop Wayne for the game vs Blackburn after his late night antics…Yes Sunderland have done us a favour but we could’ve been top by 3 points!


de gea by far. heres why we spend money on him hes only 19 and he makes 1 mistake but like 6 good saves a game and we only hear about his mistake silly united fans.


jones at center back because he can be the worlds best defender, not to be ignorant he is a good midfeild player but i dont see him reaching his full potential in the heart of midfeild

De Gea (with some rotation here and there)
Jones at CB when cleverly is back

I was a big believer of de gea at start but now im tired of seeing his mistakes, if i was fergie id be fuming towards him telling him to pull up his socks for fuck sake. Lindegaard should start every game over him, the little shit possibly cost us that game yesterday.

my question is do you think man utd can beat city at the fa game and at eastlands

my question is, if you could buy anybody in january realistically who would it be?

i would play lindegaard over de gea. he has been given many chances and still messes up. he was mostly to blame for yesterdays defeat the rest was fergie. you cant just put out whatever team you like and think you can win

Depends, if he did major mistakes yes. That last one should he not have boxed to the skys but make it a corner.

My argument for lindegaard over de gea seems to grow stronger and stronger, how many more chances is david de gea going to get? May have potential but seriously needs to get his act together :/

@TheNasri19 These a reason why De gea plays in big match he saved our asses in anfield,, lindegaard plays in small games and kept clean sheet. If today lindegaard was in goal against blackburn would you cristis him?

De Gea have cost us the Chempions League, i’m not going to watch he fu*king up the titel tace. Lindegaard have proven that he is more stabil then De Gea. I’m a United supporter but i like alot of players from other teams thats why i got this user name, don’t hate 😉

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