..CR7 – ‘Russian team to win this Champions League? ..Everything is possible in football…but i hope NOT THIS YEAR……ahahahahahah

It will be Ultimate Champion League, Real Madrid with 9 titles vs Milan with 7 titles! Can’t wait for that. And if Muenchen also Chelsea go to semifinal, it will be all adidas semifinal! Nice!

Do you know who is playing in “guadarrama y el trafico” youtube video? ww.youtube.com/watch?v=SU4iSRQn7k0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Xabi Alonso speaks the best English at RM…they all should learn it or Portugues

Just gotta google the lyrics. Don’t speak by Eagles of Death Metal.


Real Madrid! V FC Barcelona in Final result gonna be 3-2 and we can say that we are better then barca without those stinkin barca fans can say who won last time or shit like that!!!! cuz we are the best in this wooooooooooooorld! HALA MADRID!<3

I want Barcelona to win so we can have a Clasico final and fuck Barcelona with 4-0 HALA MOURINHO

i think that the final will be Real Madrid – AC Milan…and certainly Real will win… Hala Madrid!!!

I’m hungarian and i just can’t believe they wore hungarian cockade on march 15. It’s so honorific and kind of them. HALA MADRID!

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