25 replies on “The Moment Manchester United lost the Premier League title”

  1. Love how we can hear the cheering of Man Citys crowds and everybody just shut up at Man Us Stadium

  2. The thing that’s most funny is when the fair play rule comes in city won’t be able to spend 100s of millions n when there best players are done united will have a young squad that will dominate the league Becus united to buy class they create it fuck shitty ggmu

  3. Iove this vid not because Man City won the league but because United lost it 🙂

  4. Manchester Ushited started the PLC aspect of football. Made it what it is. You reap what you sow: Fuckers. Well done City. Blue Moon Risen.

  5. @pav1nka tbh i dont give a shit about your shit team. Dont think your going to win the epl again, you dont deserve it. All yor players only came to your shit club because of how much you offered them, not because they love your team, they probably never heard of manchester city before you offered them money to bribe them.

  6. You had money for years. And now another team comes to money and do exactly what you have been doing for years and you do not like it!!! You have got plenty players worth millions so do not complain. Your starting line up in last derby was £166m and City`s was £161m.

  7. Its nithing wrong in investing money;manu are a team developed from the start they had their financial backing,city are a team newly born manu hav been lacking though having money do buy players

  8. Lmfao. I see you’ve left out all the other players you’ve brought, since 2006 man city have spent £531,670,000 on players, since 2006 man united have spent £217,200,000 on players, wow you’ve spent millions to build up a team to win man united on goal diference, congratulations.So dont chat shit proving me wrong that man city havent ruined football by making it all about money, thats how you get players to play for your shit team, you bribe them with fucking money.

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