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Do you see Reus moving to Arsenal?

Transfer Talk | Marco Reus to Arsenal?

I have mixed feelings about this but I’m glad that Arsene is FINALLY trying
to do well and get some good players on his side,but a better striker would
be important for arsenal at the moment.

I can’t see Arsenal going for Reus given the strength of the midfield and
the fact that he plays in the same position as Cazorla. Also, I don’t see
Reus leaving Dortmund given, he hasn’t been there long and they’re doing
really well atm. I just don’t see how the deal makes sense

I am pretty sure Aguero wont go to byern specially for 40 million, i am not
sure what he is worth, but i do put him up there with falcao, cavani and
ibra, so raise your price tag bayern if you want him, and even if they do,
man city won’t be so easy to convince.

I don’t want Hernandez to leave he needs to play more and I hop united sign
reus or khedira 

Hardly any of these transfers will happen. Aguëro is worth over 40m, Reus
won’t go to Arsenal.

No chance. Don’t see Reus leaving to go to arsenal. Perhaps Bayern, or a
much bigger team than Arsenal, like Barcelona. 

Aguero would cost a lot more then 40 mil on current form and considering
man city spent 38 mil on him in the first place.

I was more thinking along the lines of not spending the money on reus, and
making a larger bid for a world class striker who will replace Giroud in
the starting 11. I’m not an Arsenal fan, but I’m looking at it in terms of
improving what I think would be the overall performance of Arsenal.
Whatever does happen though, Reus would be an excellent addition to any

He was trying to arrest his case…. It was in progress, so I guess you
could call it Arrested Development.

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