Waratahs See Success In Super Rugby

The Waratahs were able to upset Highlanders in the quarterfinals that were held for Super Rugby last weekend. Israel Folau was lauded for the calming and wise demeanor that he maintained throughout. The Aussies were stunned on the other hand that the Waratahs is now one game away from the final.

The formula that is used for determining the finalists at Super Rugby is a complex one that even ardent fans find difficult to follow. However, everyone understood that every region gets a prize as even prizes for the 19th place are handed out in Super Rugby.

Australia got something even if they performed as badly as a provincial netball team of Iceland would perform. However Waratahs being still in the playoffs makes some sense this time. For this Sydney franchise to be still in the competition shows that the fixture has given hope to several Aussie fans. In the month of May the Waratahs were unable to take advantage of a 24-10 lead that the Blues had. The Waratahs were able to trail the Highlanders in this tournament who were at a disadvantage since they had to play the game in Sydney.

At this moment Australian rugby as well as the Super Rugby system is in a parlous state. The Waratahs have been able to stage a comeback that was miraculous. The Lions were able to crush the Waratahs with a score of 29-0. However the Waratahs have been able to showcase their success last week and suddenly the fans are finding faith in them as well. Coach of the team, Daryl Gibson knows that the team is the underdog for the tournament and is happy for the performance that they put in. He stated that they had an advantage since the Lions had more pressure on them to win.