7 replies on “Wenger on team news – QPR v Arsenal | English Premier League 2012”

  1. I know loads of people who didnt care about football and supported “whoever won”. But when they started caring they changed to their local/another team. 

  2. My close family all support Man Utd, so I took them up as a child. Honestly I liked the fact that they won so much, but my uncle began to take me to Arsenal games. I watched people like Henry, Bergkamp, Ljungberg and the rise of Fabregas. I fell in love with Arsenal. He took me to Spain to see Arsenal vs Madrid in the 2006 champions league. I admired everything Wenger did. And now I’m a devoted Gooner and have been to 357 arsenal games in my life.
    that answer your question? 😀

  3. i’m obviously an arsenal fan so i would be slightly biased, but i supported man u before afc, so maybe i am even but man u have the referees wrapped around their little finger. manchester united are the golden team of the premier league they can do no wrong in the eyes of the officials

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