10 replies on “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger rants about fixtures”

  1. arsenal have just lost all magic.. the passing is awfull and no winning mentality.. bring in hazard, gotze and podolzki!!!!

  2. arsenal. needs. usmanov. he actually cares about the club, and wants it to do well, unlike kroenke who only cares about the money. plus he actually has money to spend. look at abramovich, hes actually a chelsea fan and he gives AVB money to buy the players they need, and has actual ambition

  3. fair point, i concur. i’d go as far as saying that these same clubs influence refereeing decisions, some teams get benefitted, some get bummed, and in a league where margins are tight, the fairness goes out the window, and for one of the teams that get the short end of the stick to win the league, they literally have to be very superior to utd. because of this man u became champions in 2007 when arsenal were the better team, but got fu*ed. in 2008 same thing happened to liverpool.city this year.

  4. how is it RANTING when he points something bad out? the media needs to stop automatically try to dismiss everything he says coz that makes them look like idiots.

    This time he is absolutely correct. If the media would get their heads out of their asses they wud understand it too.

  5. Mr Wenger is correct and has every right to moan about it. I also agree with another comment about money destroying football. All clubs should be not for profit organisations and entirely fan owned, then the clubs that go bust are bust because of low fan base

  6. I agree whole heartedly with what Mr. Wenger has said.

    The money brought into football has been a double edged sword. On balance it has had a detrimental effect on footballs traditional fan base and is poorer because of it.

  7. Fuck off moaning Wenger.If you bought more and better players to add to your squad then you’d have no problem.Look at us Man Utd we have the same run of fixtures and we get through it even with injuries.Anyway you’re shit without Van Persie

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