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  1. Neymar does tend to dribble instead of passing, but when he does a pass he is actually very good… ive watched nearly every Brazil game since 2010 and Neymar is a good passer but just prefers to dribble… but if hes in a team like Barcelona who have world class players i think he will change his style abit by passing more and just dribbling when he has to like Messi does… Brazil league is too easy for him so he just tricks around and likes to make fools out of players.

  2. Oh yes, I’ve got a little question for you : what do you think was the main problem this year with Chelsea and Liverpool in the league ? Their lack of creativity and dribblers ! It’s just the truth, you cant’ deny it !
    And last point : don’t u prefer to watch a player such as Neymar than a worker like Kuyt ?

  3. Hey dumbass, first of all you laugh with the injury of an artist, which shows you’re against the creative and spectacular players. Than you just talk about the bad end of season of Nani, but every one has sometimes bad periods. And Cristiano played for six years in the premier league and scored for more than 100 goals. Not bad for a player who is supposed to be scared of the PL, isn’t it ?

  4. Bitch please, Ben Arfa knows that holding the ball too fucking long in the BPL equals BROKEN LEG! LOL, and for that piece of shit Nani and Ronaldo, sure they got great skills and all but watch closely bitch at the end of the season Nani became None. Christiano Ronaldo? aaww you made my day, what do you think made him move in the first place? he knows that if he keeps on playing like that in the BPL, someone’s going to snap his legs. Players that plays it simple survive, ex: David Silva 😉

  5. So you think that, because a league misses creativity, a creative player can’t realize great things ? Just watch players such as Ben Arfa, Nani, or even before Cristiano Ronaldo …
    Than think of what you just said and enjoy the fucking JOGA BONITO <3

  6. he holds the ball longer because thats his role in Santos 😉 he is the only player who is allowed to drible how he wants to, like Messi in barcelona 🙂

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  8. even his passing is pretty accurate and very quick. If only he did more of it…

  9. good morning! that was a year ago. maybe u should go read GOAL.com news. neymar chose barca over madrid, but he aint joining now.

    neymars agent was robinhos old agent who sold him to real madrid thats why he has a good relationship with madrid president, but the agent was fired and neymar has a new agent and they agreed to sell neymar to barca after 2014 world cup.

  10. It said on the RMFC website a while ago they’d agreed a fee of 53million euros and that he’d be joining in the summer

  11. yes they have already payed half of the money, in 2014 he will join Barca after WC

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