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  1. :O I dont like this new youtube format. Anyway..thanks for the comment! I agree, and its becoming more and more obvious how much we need some defensive experienced reinforcement. Aswell as better coaching!

  2. We Need an improvement in defense, situations like against Birmingham have to stop!

  3. Yeah that could work. Im certainly in the camp that wants Barton in especially for FREE! I have a feeling it could work out, and we dont have to make it high risk. Im sure he will accept the chance to play for us for a year or perhaps 2 as a “trial” for his attitude, and we probably will only spend £30-40k/pw which is around 2mil annual. I think he could add aggresion and a little grit.

  4. one player i used to hate but now i dont mind is joey barton. his name doesnt immediatley fit in really when you think of arsenal but i can see him as a kind of fabregas replacement. if we still want to play a formation why not song and barton and wilshere could move forward into the centre of the 3 attacking mids ? people say we lack aggression i think he has controlled aggression. he would cost us a minimal fee now and i bet he is on about 20k. wenger could easily double that wage 🙂

  5. I hear ya man, Im just living in hope that Wenger is able to pull of a miracle, but things are looking a little grim, we dont seem anywhere near ready enough for a season starting in two weeks! Sort it out Arsenal!

  6. Agree with u. Look at whats happening now. Enrique is going to liverpool for 8mil. !! Wenger should’ve bought him 8mil is nothing considering we sold clichy for 7mil and bendter almunia will be sold. I remember before summer arsenals chairman (or someone) said they have 45mil to spend on transfers…. wenger you are starting to seriously piss me off. But we shall wait and see untill the last minute of august. Im still patient.

  7. Yeah it’s true on Mata .. he had his release clause kick in on the 1st of August.Which meant the 17 million has now turned to 60 million

  8. Welcome! :O that would be unfortunatte. I hope its a rumour rather than fact! Thanks for commenting.

  9. @2dotcube Jarvis sounds interesting. Ive always been against the idea of putting CAM on the wing, because of their tendency to drift into the middle where its already congested with just about everyone else.

    Distin sounds cool aswell, tbh I dont think we need some magician or anything, just a solid defender than can help us be organised and help us against set pieces.

  10. Am a Liverpool fan. Apparently mata is staying because he automatically signed a new contract and would cost £52million

  11. @2dotcube Yeah, I didnt want Nasri to go before…but he is peeing me off lol. Plus im coming round to the idea of getting Mata lol. I missed Jarvis, is he good? I gave not seen him much tbh.

    Yeah the Firberglass situation is annoying. But really look at the way barca are treating him, lol and this is the player they want so badly? They are a joke.

    I agree about the coaching would love Keown infact.

    Is Distin good, not really watched him or Scott Dann so I wont chat out my butt.

    Thanks alot!

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