24 replies on “Athletic Bilbao Vs Real Madrid 0-3 All Goals & Highlights (02.05.2012)”

  1. People said he rarely makes assist, but when he does it’s always freaking beast one!

  2. He needs to learn from messi now 7 goals in 2 games vs 2 goals in 2 games

  3. Tines razón , son los de Euskal Herria, le das x culo, pero no te rías

  4. ronaldo just keep on doingur job cuz once u got a fan like me u will always be loved

  5. Comprando a los arbitros cualquiera… Y como siempre pasa con el Real Mandril…jugamos con uno menos y 4 suplentes. Sino os hubiésemos dado pal’ pelo.

    Tal vez la próxima vez os traigáis al equipo de fútbol y no al de balonmano (khedira) o al de natación (Cretino… Ah, perdón, Cristiano) por esos piscinazos que hacen todos…
    Para que luego andéis acusando al Barça…

  6. Rubbish penalty not enough power, but that assist!! God that was spectacular! It even had a curve! Great game by Cristiano other than that penalty. Sad really that the penalty is overshadowing that fact he scored and assisted…

  7. @horizon123 Yeah, ronaldo might be gay, but at least he fucks all the girls he wants in a month more than u fuck in your fucking life…wat about messi??? Too much steroids have shrunk his dick..

  8. i dont give a fuck about la liga …this year…i still love messi..and c y next year

  9. PIPITA is HERE!!!! please don’t even try to sell him..and please..give him more chances to prove his quality!!!!!

  10. Although la liga is great… It’s forgettable… And no one is really talking about it… But messi became the top goal scorer of Europe with 68 goals… Now that’s something to remember forever ;)… Ronaldo is gonna have to work a little harder to catch up to him next year 😉

  11. who won la liga ? :))))))))) who gives a fuuck about how much goals got ronaldo or messi :)))

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