25 replies on “ARSENAL vs ASTON VILLA 3-0 Gibbs Walcott Arteta Goals”

  1. Thanks man 🙂 No more apart from FIFA until June, but from June on-wards we’ll have some fantastic football content coming 🙂 -J

  2. #Traiter #GloryHunter!! (Someone actually called be a glory hunter recently for supporting Arsenal and Cardiff together, was a bit strange…) -J

  3. No i ment like, United will win the league, im a gooner too lol and i actually live in tottenham #LOYAL

  4. What? I’ve only ever heard it all my life pronounced with two syllables, I know I may not have the world’s greatest Spanish accent but it can’t be that far off 😛 -J

  5. Unfortunately I did not score any goals, but I am still proud of the team’s performance today. Come on Arsenal!!

  6. Thanks a lot mate, and yup, really positive stuff at the moment from Arsenal! -J

  7. The three of us have exams, but don’t worry, in June we’ll be back, and then some. We have absolutely amazing stuff planned, so excited!! -J

  8. I said that before today, to be honest I now think that United have it in the bag, not to reverse on myself too much! -J

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