Thanks man 🙂 No more apart from FIFA until June, but from June on-wards we’ll have some fantastic football content coming 🙂 -J

#Traiter #GloryHunter!! (Someone actually called be a glory hunter recently for supporting Arsenal and Cardiff together, was a bit strange…) -J

No i ment like, United will win the league, im a gooner too lol and i actually live in tottenham #LOYAL

What? I’ve only ever heard it all my life pronounced with two syllables, I know I may not have the world’s greatest Spanish accent but it can’t be that far off 😛 -J

Unfortunately I did not score any goals, but I am still proud of the team’s performance today. Come on Arsenal!!

The three of us have exams, but don’t worry, in June we’ll be back, and then some. We have absolutely amazing stuff planned, so excited!! -J

I said that before today, to be honest I now think that United have it in the bag, not to reverse on myself too much! -J

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