24 replies on “Ashley Young of Manchester United’s diving, cheating ways (NMA)”

  1. got 1 word for you remove it mother fcker just make one of italy or Barcelona … RonaldO???

  2. Typical united fan, head up their own arses and stuck up cunts, I’m guessing you’re not from united, like most of their fans

  3. Aah, poor jealous non united fans, I love your attempts to mock our untouchable club, can’t brag about results so clutch at things like this, love it 🙂

  4. forgive him for what he has done UTS YOUNG, ITS YOUNG, ITS YOUNG!!!! (In the style of Tulisa)

  5. A China channel commenting on a Football league????? That’s worst than diving. The commentator is executed after this video.

  6. Glad this money grabbing, glory hunting, judas diving cunt doesn’t have a premier league winners medal

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