5 replies on “Berbatov set to leave – Manchester United News”

  1. lefwinger fuck you your just some Mexican chichirito fan who hates all other players berbatov is world class saf is talking about age but he’s letting carrick and giggs play I mean fuck you saf

  2. Berbatov is the best player in the world with his technique and skill yes he isn’t fast but football isn’t about speed it’s talent and Berba has talent is saf let’s him go then he is making a big mistake

  3. finally! berva yor leaving you lazy git! number 9? 30 mil? united could do so much better! united did offer him an option, and it was alright fer him to leave on a free transfer, that means – sir and united really want him out. please give the number 9 kit to a real striker!

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