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  1. For City fans on why we don’t get FFP.

    Oil Money = Money not earned by the club

    Revenue = Money earned by the club.

    City have no fans.

  2. I honestly don’t want Falcao. I didn’t want di Maria. I didn’t want Evra to
    leave. I don’t want Welbeck to leave. I did want an experienced CB. I did
    want a world class CDM. How to break my heart by Ed Woodward :(

  3. +FullTimeDEVILS Blind is a quality signing that already knows the so
    called ‘philosophy’ of Van Gaal which will help kick the team into gear
    with the system. Think Van Gaal should give Powell a chance as a CDM,
    played well against MK Dons and is also defensively disciplined…What do
    you think of all the left footed players and how they’re going to fit into
    the system, Sam?

  4. Here’s my ideal starting 11 –

    De Gea
    Rafael Jones Rojo Shaw
    Januzaj Blind Di Maria
    Van Persie Falcao 

  5. Januzaj needs time on the training ground. He has a lot of talent, but he
    wastes a lot of balls and doesn’t pass when he should.

  6. You’re right Sam, it’s really nice to bring in all these world class
    players, but I feel like we’re becoming like Man City now, by not allowing
    the young lads to develop, something we have always done. I’m gutted to see
    someone like Welbeck go, it’s a real slap in the face to the fans that he
    is going to a rival club as well and he can play against us now 🙁

    It’s good to have world class players but we need good home-grown or
    generally young talented squad players that can develop for the future.
    What’s worse is that we are offloading talented players like Kagawa,
    Welbeck and Hernandez (who’s going to find it easier in La liga, trust me),
    and keeping players like Young, Valencia and Cleverly SMH.

  7. Welbeck wanted time to play and chicharito too. It’s sad but it’s good we
    let them go. I hope chicharito will return to us but too bad for welbs Ed
    went and bought falcao when we needed a vidal **shrugs**. Too bad for him,
    better luck at AFC since they don’t have any strikers.

  8. Looks like that’s it for the TDD..tbh I’m happy with who we brought in, but
    I’m disappointed we didn’t bring in a solid cb that we need.

  9. I think Januzaj will get playing time this year, It looks as tho he will be
    used as a regular sub which is a good thing; we don’t want to give him too
    much too soon. 

  10. Watch Welbeck go to Arsenal Score quite a few goals..
    And Arsenal Finish 4th
    And We Finish 5th..
    Can see Welbz going coming back to haunt us.

  11. I’d be gutted if Lawrence left the club on a permanent deal. I thought he
    played incredibly when he and Wilson joined the first team at the end of
    last year. Hoping he stays and is given the chance. I agree with Sam, I’d
    like us to give a chance to our youngsters. We’ve had such a great academy
    over the years, it would be heartbreaking to lose that tradition.

    AT THE CLUB? Get them out, ffs. 

  12. Disastrous news in Tom Cleverley failing to join Villa and then Everton,
    He’s just a turd that won’t flush. 



  14. I do think we have lost our youth spark a bit to be honest, yes we had some
    unruly kids and ones that got away. But I think they could have done the
    job for us and been of use in the team. Brady, King, Morrison, Pogba,
    Fryers, Macheda, Wooton and so on.

  15. LVG is ruining Manchester United, okay we may get back into champions
    league or even win the league, but I would rather have another season
    without, and let the younger players develop, compared to Man City-ing and
    becoming a buying club 

  16. If Cleverly doesn’t want to leave we need to shake a leg and toss him off.
    Make him a free agent. The guy sucks BAD!!!

  17. Fallaini could be a useful player, the Manager just has to learn how to
    take the best out of him. I really admire Valencia…What ever happened to
    Mr. Reliable? I think he still has a role to play.
    Cleverly/Young…Get rid of them anyway you can, even if you still have to
    pay their salaries, just get those bums out of the dressing room.
    Januzaj is going to be world class, maybe the next Ronaldo (the potential
    is there)…I’m sure he’ll get the games he requires, I can see him forcing
    his way into the team.

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