Brazil can win world cup

Former Brazil star player Ronaldinho believes that Brazil can win the next World Cup.

He said that the team has made some great progress ever since the last tournament and that they have a team worthy to be champions now.

Ronaldinho said that in the previous tournament the team was over-reliant on Neymar and that opposing team could easily stop Brazil by neutralizing their best player but at the moment he feels that the team is playing better collectively.

Ronaldinho said that the Brazil national team has improved massively in recent games and that it is no surprise that they have reached the top place in the FIFA rankings. He said that the players now play better as a team and that it is harder for opposition to stop them.

However, Ronaldinho admitted that the team still needs some improvement in some areas as they have yet to face the better teams. Although Brazil is top of their qualifying group for the Russian World Cup, Ronaldinho believes that it will be a different thing to play against the likes of Germany.

He believes there is enough time for the national coach to improve the team and that Brazil will be ready when it comes to the next World Cup. He said that this would be a wonderful news for the Brazil fans after the humiliation they have experienced on their home ground.

Ronaldinho said that there are some good players nowadays in the Brazil team and he believes that as the month goes on the team will become even better and improve in all areas. He believes that fans should get behind the team and provide them with the necessary support to win a difficult competition such as the World Cup especially when this time it will be held in Europe.