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  1. well said,its only obvious he would rest certain players. Cant have them playing matches right through because they would be burnt out in the end. Plastic fans need to take a rest and watch how they perform at their best!
    Chelsea till i die! all the way from trinidad and tobago
    <3 em too bad!

  2. Most of you are clueless. Robbie had to rest the big boys and rotate the squad. If you haven’t realised our matches a week are doubling and we’ve had some of the hardest matches possible. Newcastle deserved that win and Cisse was pure class we have to hold our hands up, but remember they have a fully fit side on top form but they are going for a qualifying spot. Chelsea have to juggle the FA Cup, CL and the League. Cut the boys some slack you plastics.

  3. Obi looks in better form than essien at the moment for me. Lamps is obviously the first choice.

  4. wtf with ur mum coming round to mine everyday. I gots to rest sometime..;…

  5. for the first time im just shocked, 2 unbelievable strikes killed us, but i thought we played well. anyway lets forget the game and WIN THE UCL

  6. Don’t be unhappy guys, just forget about todays game.. The top 4 finish in the EPL is not needed, as long as we win the UCL against Bayern Munich! Keep the blue flag flying high!

  7. I’ve been waiting for that all season, I put £1 on it at the beginning of the seasons, hasn’t happened yet :/

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