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  1. To be the best in the world you have to have: confidence, a winning mentality, good form, great fitness, overall ability at it’s peak, referees decisions on your side and a bit of luck when defending those 1-0 leads…. Chelsea are the best in the world.

  2. i hope drogba stays, one of his biggest quality is strengh and beeing ice cold…you dont loose that with age like for example speed, thats why i think we should keep him

  3. mata´s shoot did cross the line look: /watch?v=Np1Be2Ew93w&list=UU3Wq8wYaDbIElND8l60S8gw&index=1&feature=plcp

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  5. Torres playing all those games in the run up to the Spurs one was what helped Drogba put in an excellent performance vs Spurs.  Drogba was well rested and raring to go.The same can be said of Cole. Bertrand filling in for Ashley Cole helped the rested Cole to put in a fantastic performance as well.

  6. Dear God! The same old BS! AvB struggled with building a younger and fresher team???? Which players made up this young and fresher team? He sent all the youth out on loan. Torres was put on the bench in favor of Drogba. Everytime Chelsea needed a goal Lamps was brought on. Bertrand not even given a go.Each time Chelsea were pushed into a corner the game plan was as clear as daylight- begin hoping to hell one of the old guard save us. Avb and Chelsea are done. Get over it!

  7. Seriously, using the same old boys of Chelsea is never a too difficult job…Andre Villas-Boas struggled with building a younger, fresher team, that what’s Abramovich really want. Carlo Ancelotti and Matteo did good, but with the old guards. To develop a team, can Di Matteo do that ? If he can, he sure deserves a SAF-position.

  8. Haha, whats the matter, did you run out of arguments? Its true, Di Matteo has not developed any form of plan in the play. now, most people, including you, fail to see this, and seem to think that aslong as he’s winning matches (Napoli at home is an keymatch) everything will be fine. how about the 2nd half vs Benfica at home, when we play 11 v 10, and THEY push us back, and even creates many chances, we crumbled, and was lucky.

  9. I’d rather a walloping of Le Arse! Both Spurs and Arsenal should have never ever been allowed to get ahead of Chelsea.Yet here we are in 6th with both London clubs above us . Fecking shameful!

  10. One Legend stands above them all-JOHN TERRY! Shot knees , broken ribs and yet he saves us time and again. If some of the other players had the foresight to stand on the goal line vs fecking Fulham we would have been in 4th. Our Captain is definitely not human,HE IS A GOD!

  11. Time will show little friend, time will show. From personal analyzing i see no pattern in the attacking play whatsoever. The reason this being is the fact that Di Matteo doesn’t. Di Matteo got no experience in this game, and I can’t be fucked with another season where we’re “building up the team” Get someone with a clue in, who knows attacking football. Abramovich will see this aswell tho, so Di Matteo won’t be managing in August. Deal with it.

  12. The second goal was a goal, I thought it did not cross the line. But it did after the picture in the Chelsea website.Check it out yourself.

  13. Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool
    Headlines: “Torres and Drogba show Suarez and Carroll what a real striking pair is.” 🙂

  14. The fans that chanted during the minutes silence are disgusting and a complete embarrassment to the club.

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