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  1. Falcao is centre forward and we need someone on right hand side.Next year maybe.

  2. Agent talks load of crap.obviously There is interest but none from top rich clubs needs over-priced RW Hulk.Man City or PSG wants typical CF.Plus they want to push us to corner so we could give them 47mil euros which is crazy.We should look elsewhere.

  3. The agent of Chelsea target Hulk has revealed other clubs are still interested in signing him but stresses that he could still stay at Porto..i hope come to chelsea

  4. Obviously every1 will hate on Torres…because they know TORRES WILL RIP THEIR TEAM TO SHREDS NEXT SEASON….THEY R SCARED..!!

  5. Modric is not worth 40 million. How about spending 20 million to sign younes Belhanda. Cheaper, younger and better no? Its high time we bought smart.

  6. Options are few. Modric has PL experience which puts him above any other contender. But doubt Levy would sell to us anyways. That bug would rather let Modric go to Man u for 25 mill than sell him to Chelsea.

  7. Right so let’s chuck money at the Spuds cause Modric is quality! Chelsea bought Torres for 50 mill probably going along the same train of thought-“Torres is Quality”. Most of that money the duffers pumped into Newcastle who then used it to buy wisely and landed up above us in the League table. So cycling Roman’s money in the PL should be a big NO!! We could probably get someone better. The suits just need to look hard enough.

  8. Not if we get quality in return and Modric is quality-let’s face it. Chelsea have bought all these attackers but have not yet strengthened the base from which the attack builds. Basically we will have our attacking players all rushing towards goal waiting for a ball that will never come in the absence of a deep lying MF unless they themselves come deep to retrieve it. Will look like a bunch of headless chickens.

  9. Come on! Modric is plenty talented. What makes you think he will fail? Asking Mata and Hazard to play deeper is rendering them nearly ineffective. They are at their destructive best higher up the pitch. Mikel/Essien are capable of being defensive but offer nothing much going forward. Raul -squad player. Modric takes us up another level. He would be an awesome buy.

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