I’ve supported City for 30 years you mug, Unlike Yoonited glory hunters i know my clubs history, this cunt said it was our 1st title and we both know he didn’t just mean the prem era, He’s as clueless as the rest of you.

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And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself …..what a wonderful world
Oooooooh Yeaaaaaaah
Thank you, City
Fuck you, Rags

The Sunderland fans were slagging us and mocking us because we lost the title. They weren’t cheering for their team. Supporting City cause they hate United? Then their life is sad.

Before I say anything, realize that I’m not trying to hate. Of course United supporters thought they had won. They were excited for their 20th win. They had won their game, and heard City was losing. Anyone would have started celebrating, it’s not just United fans. Also, don’t blame the entire fan base for the locals.

What happened to those ”Champ20ns” t-shirts that were being flogged on Facebook a few weeks back?

haha you all complain about us going on about our 19 when all you talk about is 1-6. its funny how your titles number is too low to use something like that, 3 doesn’t fit in there very well.

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