how is that a fail?
two strong evenly matched teams having a 0-0 draw is hardly a fail…
liverpool being 2-0 up against a relegation threatened side and still losing is a fail….

balotelli takes someones leg off fa says no ban ivanovic does a contraversial slap and he gets 3 game ban….he shouldve played

It’s not his problem that he dosen’t score goals. Torres need someone who can support him with passes.

I wouldnt mind if di matteo is the next manager of chelsea , I just dont want abramovich to get a new manager and then to get rid of him halfway trough the season..

haha hes not injured, its just bullshit, we’re basically resting him for barca, and playing mind games with them

heard parantley nt playin in tues………..right torres/dragba on google nd seee…………k

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