6 replies on “Manchester United News Episode 1”

  1. Alex fucked about with Hernadez this season….cleverly is not even better pogba i dont know why he doesnt play progba i’m just thinking if pogba was white he would of played more games then tom cleverly thats my opinion…welbeck is greedy and makes to wrong decisions…js park is shit…carrick is overrated but he did well this season but hes not good enough for united. iv been supporting since 1993!!

  2. will definately, im away on saturday so ill be watchin ur vid on sunday if its up and hopefully good news for hernandez lol

  3. I agree man, welbeck is promising but chicharito should definitely be starting. I think he did enough last year to secure a firm starting spot. Hopefully ferguson will start to be a little more consistent about that. Watch out for a new vid after the everton game this saturday.

  4. i honestily think we’ve been losing cause welbeck is creating no creativety whatsoever, liverpool and man city he did nothing but give the ball away, its like after since the 1st half of basel he’s gone downhill, yet chicharito comes off the bench and immediately wins a corner, sets up fletcher and in the liverpool game he scored after 4 mins

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