6 replies on “Football & Transfer News – X Files , Man Utd , AC Milan , Real Madrid , Barcelona”

  1. I’d rather have Younes Belhanda for £12m than Goetze for £25m + tbh but it’s all good news. Good episode

  2. Awesome episode! So much drama, Lu lu lu Lukas Podolski lol.

    Im suprised about Di Matteo, Chelsea are in a mess riight now.

    Ooo Id love Vertoghen, and Goetze, in addition to Podolski and with CL football, we will be a force next season! Thats if all that happens lol. Id be shocked about Goetze though!

  3. that is tops that episode.didnt mind that new segment either quite good as well

  4. good one Shiftey.Like the xfiles part.great idea keep doing your videos there great

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