The Brazilian midfielder Lucas Mora has said that it will take awhile before the national team gets used to playing without some of the high-profile names like Kaka and Ronaldinho. The Brazilian national team has always been synonymous with extremely high profile players like Ronaldo, who was followed by Ronaldinho and Kaka. However, the Brazilian national team is now in a transformation state with a number of the star names either close to the end of their careers or not in the best of shapes. As a result, the current national team manager Mano Menezes has tried to bring in a number of young players with a view of building for the future.

The 19-year-old Lucas Mora is one among the players to be part of the national team that is being reshaped by Mano Menezes. However, Mano Menezes has come under intense criticism of late for the poor performances of the national team, despite the fact that they have been successful in the last four matches. Brazil recently managed a lacklustre 2-1 win over Argentina, who rested a number of high profile players like Lionel Messi. It took a last-minute penalty from Neymar to win the match, which did not please the Brazilian fans. However, Mora has called for patience because it will take time to integrate these new players.

“People are a little impatient I guess, we are performing well but we had a difficult time against Argentina, because it was a complicated match. They kept themselves behind the ball at all times and waited for us to attack. But we worked hard to find spaces, and we were rewarded with the late penalty scored by Neymar. I know that the Selecao isn’t having its best moments, Mano Menezes is still looking for a way to make this team click,” said Lucas.