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  1. 280 lbs is about 130 kg. we got a new lock since i posted this hes 6'6 but only about 100 kg

  2. Makes me sound a little bit like a pimp haha. Well he can play Hooker or Prop really. The smaller props are always harder to scrum against, it's harder to get underneath them. I'm only advising, it's up to him what he chooses really. In a way I'd like to hear back that he's been staying at prop, purely because he was able to prove the doubters wrong.

  3. @BigDenny1020 Personally, at 5'7" I'd say maybe consider hooking, cause they are usually a little shorter. But smaller props are always harder to scrum against. Just use your height to get underneath them and you'll be grand!

  4. @dominoz22 Lol i played prop but im tough enough to take it, im 6'4 now tho and im movin back to 8th man or 2nd row if i can keep up w/ my teams speed

  5. they should be training with a slower engagement if they train the longer crouch……….touch……pause……..engage they wont get penalized so much.

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