Lionel Messi will Miss Match against Spain

Lionel Messi had come to the tour of France with the plan that after playing the PSG match, he would make his way to Egypt for an event instead of taking the next flight back to Spain with the rest of the Barcelona boys.

The thing is that there has been a programme launched in Egypt where they are providing the treatment for the life threatening disease Hepatitis C without taking a single penny from the sufferers and are also providing the lodging facility for them.

Messi as well as the Selecao Footballer Dani Alves were signed as the two promoters of the programme last year and it was actually towards the end of the last year itself that Messi had to participate in the promotional event of the programme.

But, around that same time, Egypt was hit by the blasts and the scheduled trip to the country was therefore not considered safe for Messi. As a result of that, the date was pushed ahead indefinitely.

A new date was decided recently by the event organizers as well as the Footballer’s representatives and that was the next day of the PSG match day, but, the visit couldn’t take place this time around either, not because of the security reasons, but, something else.

Actually Messi was so devastated by Barcelona’s thumping in the French capital that rather than visiting anywhere, he wanted to reach Camp Nou as soon as possible and get indulged in training to turn the fortunes of his team.

So, the organizers were informed that sadly the promotional event was not going to go ahead as planned yet again and there would have to be another date set for it after some time. A subsequent press release by the organizers confirmed the news.