21 replies on “Jesé Rodríguez ● New Cristiano Ronaldo ● Future of Real Madrid | HD”

  1. nuovo cristiano ronaldo????? ma li i difensori cadono sempre e lo fanno tirare

  2. very good but look ronaldo at the age of 20,,,way more amazing /watch?v=JsJiir9RPp4

  3. Lo siento mucho portugueses, pero Jesé se queda en el Real Madrid. Si quereis a Balboa, podemos intentar traerlo para revenderoslo.

  4. Hey dude, people compare him to Ronaldo not because he his Ronaldo’s mirror image but because their styles are quite similar, specially if you remember Ronaldo’s old 19 year old days when he was also “just” another incredibly promising 19 year old prospect.

  5. cristiano ronaldo is the best player the world and of real madrid.
    Jese Rodriguez is good but not as good as ronaldo

  6. cant wait to see him in the senior team with enzo zidane, morata , joselu and carvajal

  7. ye thats true too..but ive heard that real madrid is buying witsel fromm benfica for 8m and jesé ..but i dont think it will happen too ..lets see.. and lets win la liga adelante :p thannks for the answer btw

  8. No?probably robinho is better…in the circus,this is football no the zoo or the circus

  9. Nope he will stay in madrid of course,only would be posiible with a clausule to return to Real madrid with some soft conditions for real,but it’s not probable because real madrid castilla is now in 2dn spanish league and the objetive is jese and other good player projects can improve in a stronger level to return after to Madrid better formed.

  10. he will be GREAT!
    Have seen his matches for real madrids best team and he are very good!

  11. he’s not new cristiano ronaldo.
    Cristiano Ronaldo is not human but Jesé Rodríguez only normal player.

  12. este tio ya se cree cristiano, no puedes ir al suelo a la primera, tiene que luchar mas por el balon si algun dia quiere estar en el primer equipo, menos mamoneo con la pelota y mas efectividad, que es lo importa! cañitos ni mierdas pa perder la pelota no dan goles

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