Neymar alone is carrying the weight of the current Brazilian team

The experts and analysts are saying that Neymar alone is carrying the weight of the current Brazilian team and his exclusion would weaken the team to a significant extent, but, Ze Roberto thinks on different lines.

According to the 40-year old Footballer, who is not active in the international circuit now, Neymar is very popular all over the world and thus, he would always be in the sight of everyone. People would follow him and talk about him all the time and it’s also a fact that he has been performing wonderfully well for Brazil, but, apart from him, the Selecao possess some other good players as well and there is no reason why the team can’t win at a big stage even in his absence.

Ze Roberto reckons Brazil has found a good balance following the World Cup and it has got to do with the way Dunga has worked. There must have been a temptation to make the wholesale changes after that thrashing that the team received at the hands of Germany in WC, but, the incoming manager remains very sensible. He did not fire everyone. He knew he needed a bit of experience as well in his ranks to be able to build a new team.

Speaking to a newspaper, Ze Roberto said, “Neymar’s a top lad and any team would be stronger having him, but, if you see the matches that Brazil has played off late, there have been contributions coming from everywhere and that’s why, we have been winning so emphatically. If we were a one man team, we would not have been so consistent.”

When asked about Dunga, the defender said, “He has blended the youth and experience quite well since joining in. He should be praised for his work.”