18 replies on “Nolan Show: Loyalist rants about Ireland’s Six Nations win”

  1. u got to admit he was fairly sharp , bout the four provinces , there only three, im in connaught and to be honest sometime i think its only bout lenister

  2. this is good , im irish this is intersting view , on the ireland call song, when it came out first i though i was sung cause , the ireland national anthem is in irish , its only lately i herd it in english ,solider song . Its easy to sing and i know whats its about , and i think it should be out national anthem for everything . either way u look at it men for the four provinces of the ireland the rugby team. Zimbabwe lol , thats a good one, funny im irish and always go for england , when ireland get knocked out or dont qualify . The only team i like to c beaten is the all blacks , there so good , its great to c them loose , and its rare, like hens teeth

  3. even if you're not counting northern ireland, there are still three counties in ulster that are in the republic

  4. What a sad little bigot!
    What a mindset, the man hates everything Irish yet he lives on the island of Ireland!!!

  5. Jesus i knew we should never have allowed those assholes force a change in our anthem (seriously get those black f**kers out)

  6. Support your Island which is Ireland. The Irish Rugby team represents the Island , North and Republic.

  7. That Male, as he Not a Man. Is a Grade A BIGOT, Racist, Discrimerty male, FACTS.
    Point 1. THATS a Prime example of What the Irish Catholic/Nationalist/Republican people of IRELAND ( north ) have had to "live" and "suffer" with for 400 years.
    Yous in Dublin D4 and all F.G. voters Never had to live with this vile type of people. And it's in the majority of the unionists in the north. As long as they get their way they happy. They like farmers when everything going their way they don't complain. But when they don't get "their way" they like the ultimate spoiled child. unionists are the ultimate bullies and thats putting it nicely.
    Point 2. They most have no commonsense. As they should have "known" coming to a foreign land they would meet "Resistance". Coming to IRELAND, Murdering Our Children, Women and Men. What "kind of people are they"? The Murders they are. And THIEVES Stealing OUR LAND !! nice people NOT. unionists the low lifes are Criminals of the highest grade. Even trimble who thinks he " highly" educated is just the same mentality of the loyalist on the dole. All "them" on the Island of Ireland that call themselves british are the worst people you could meet. So tome for them to go back to their Home land across the Irish sea, scotland, england and wales. P.S. ONLY THE DIRT PEOPLE CAME TO MY LAND. T.A.L.

  8. I have nwver heard so much tripe beibg spoken in all my.life Ireland's call was especially written in order to bring everyobe onboardand yet this numpty says it's sectarian I'd love to know what some of these people were taught at school about geography.such a silly bigoted man.

  9. What a fucking loser, there is historically 4 provinces of Ireland whether he likes it or not

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