Apart from an underwhelming display against the Tartan Army of Scotland in the 6th round of the European World Cup qualifications the England national team prior to their opponents had a lot on their plates as supposed team captain Wayne Rooney was not seen with the squad as a result of coach Gareth Southgate’s decision not to invite the Manchester United skipper.

It is an open that Rooney althoughat the twilight of his career will love nothing more than to be at next year’s World Cup in Russia at least to have a well one last hurrah and the chance to win one major trophywith his nation.

The Three Lions have had their own fair share of controversies over the years and although the current coach has done a great job since taking over from Sam Allardyce this one last mudsling with the highest goal scorer in ManchesterUnited’s history appear to be something that might trigger off issues the last thing the nation of England deserve from this team that has specialized in the art of failing to add up to their individual talented sums.

However the 46-year old coach’s subtle message to Rooney should be clear enough even for the most stubborn of ear drums: it is time for him to leave.

This should not come as a surprise to Wayne either as the same tone his being currently sang on the stand of the Theatre of Dreams through subtle sighs and moans something that is not hard for professional footballers to pick. It’s simple no matter how attached you might feel to any people or cause the time to let go will at one point surface.

And as with Rooney, it would be to the advantage of both him and his country for him to agree with the beats of twilight of his career.