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  1. I’ve also played Rate, same games as Ativa, Optic FLLN, and messed up FaZe Slasher (my fav video) so damn bad lol. I love picking on FaZe members but they always hide offline. No hdpvr but check out “FaZe Slasher Gets Schooled” lol. Look how badly he got beat down and the game winner I had on him shows the score lol. Was an embarrassment haha.

  2. @ctrent53. There is some skill to qs-ing but feeds are a combo of controling spawns and luck. Everyone has to be on the same page or they flip it and u get shot in the ass. He’s my fav, but not unkillable. I played him, games on my channel, he went bad negative. Even still fucker is fast and u have to be faster, or get made into a video lol.

  3. Its amazing how you guys can quick scope like this. I could practice 24/7 and still i suck ass at quickscoping. i dont get it, its impossible

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  5. Trix shots montages are now getting really old. We see the same thing every day.


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  8. This video is insane! They has increase the sniping standards so high it’s crazy!!!! Btw, everyone go check out VeNTQuickscoping!!!! They are really underrated… Please go watch some of their videos!!!!! Thanks 🙂

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