23 replies on “Reaction at SOL at news of Man City winning the Premiership 2011/12”

  1. From an city fan,this is priceless. Everyone hates united. I was at the Etihad and after the whistle the QPR fans were just as happy they didnt win the league.

  2. How ironic, someone from Peterlee (a place with a Sunderland postcode) calling someone a Mackem bastard. You won’t be heading to Italy though will you? You plastic cunt.

  3. Fuck off you clueless yank twat. Don’t comment on a sport you know fuck all about. We’re used to not winning trophies so it’s fine. We’re about a lot more than that. You can’t possibly call United ‘we’ when you simply picked someone to follow. It doesn’t work like that, you follow whoever your family does. I’ve been to Old Trafford more times than you, or any of these plastic fools ever will!

  4. Really? A Newcaste fan has called us classless? Oh my word.

    Newcastle’s idea of class: Invading a pitch at a non-league ground (Darlington) when you score. Ripping off advertising and generally destroying your own ground at a reserve game and then terrorising the surrounding area. Having fat bastard fans who insist on flinging their tops off and offending everyone with their general rancidness. I could write a novel!

    Truth is, every other clubs fans hate you and want you to fail badly.

  5. so if the rags were robbed of the league at your place after beating you you wouldn’t laugh?

  6. Is that the same class that led to spitting on your manager and attacking bairns whenever you come through Sunderland? fuck off and take your replica top off for once in your life horrible wanker

  7. fucking hate manchester united ! im from sunderland and when i go to manchester city away im going to salute the blue moon fans !

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  9. Sunderland fans. You just gave us a reason to hate.

    Were never gonna be about what you do on the pitch though, was it.

  10. no doubt sunderland fans are good, they just lack a bit of class.. who are united to sunderland? have a bit of banter yeah, but why were you so obsessed that united had lost it? the reaction just seems a bit excessive when there is no link between the two clubs which shows that sunderland fans only care that someone else lost out on success, its fine to jeer and whatever… but elated fans cos a team they were playing lost the title? doesnt really make any sense apart from u lot are jealous

  11. HAWAY MAN! Big up to Sunderland fans, from your friends at the Etihad that you nearly cost the title this season by taking 4 points from us! 😀 All’s well, ends well.

  12. lol yes because being american is so bad. we are a better country than yours anyway. now i can support any team i wish. i support a team for each sport i follow, and united just happens to be the team i picked when i was little when i didnt know jack shit about the club.

  13. Lol, I’m guessing your American, fuck off and support one of your own teams you glory seeking twat.

  14. And you have no right to tell me who to support!
    Also, i watch the Premier League active since 2006!
    How did you consider me ignorant without seeing me , without talking live with me. You have really wrong consider about the people… Maybe because i love United…

  15. Yes, but how much did Sunderland have to spend in order to achieve their fuck all?

  16. haha you poor ass sunderland fans…fuck you all. jealous of our history thats all.

    who are we? last time i checked we beat you 1-0 and we and finished 44 points ahead of you

    and by the way if you havent heard…sunderland won fuck all also 🙂

  17. @JasonEdwardsFatPaedo you lowlife scum how disrespectful can you be? you think your a big man? all football fans and teams should unite when tragedy happens in football united may not be a popular team to other fans but that doesn’t give you the right to take the piss out of one of the worse tragedys in football! Grow the fuck up you disgrace for a human being

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