25 replies on “Arsenal unveil statues to three former greats”

  1. “there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die.” -The Sandlot

  2. wtf are you talking about… i agree Bergkamp was Great.. but NO HENRY NO PARTYYY

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  4. Dennis Bergkamp statue will be put in the sun and not in the shadows,cause thats where the greatest Gunner of all time belongs

  5. Dennis Bergkamp soon? He’s the greatest!

    And what about RVP? Sure, he isn’t finished yet, but what if he scores about 2 goals before 2012? Then he’s more worth than Henry, that’s for sure!

  6. I guess it was too difficult to sculpture a statue out of ice. Otherwise I can’t really understand why Dennis wouldn’t be amongst the former greats, to be honest.

  7. henry was a goalscorer
    bergkamp was everything
    maybe they are saving money for a golden one
    for the iceman

  8. Im dying to see King Henry 14 to play another game with ARSENAL ….thumb so anyone can see it

  9. Arsene and Bergkamp should be added down the road. Arsene, perhaps after he retires from managing the team. Bergkamp, along with Arsene’s statue, will complete the set of five statues. They should be known as “The Five Statues of the Grove.”

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