The Evolution Continues

Sports Coaching is always about evolution, be it any sport. You might be the best coach in one era, but, if you are not upgrading, your ways would be figured out and would be countered.

New people keep coming and always bringing something new to the game. Everything has to be followed and studied and whatever is there to be taken for the enhancement of your system should be taken.

Tite, who is now the head of the coaching department at Selecao, is someone who is a big believer of this theory. He travels across continents to see how the managers and the coaches work in different areas.

The 55-year old had a tour of Europe before his glorious spell with the Corinthians in the Brazilian League last year and his formations in that tournament had a touch of Europe in it.

A hard-core Brazilian fan might not even like it for Brazilian Football has always been related to class and artistry. European style might seem Pragmatic, but, so what? You just have to do with productivity, haven’t you?

First week into his Brazil chair and Tite has begun his work already. He will be one of the faces in the dignitaries’ box this evening when Chile and Colombia go loggerheads in Round of 4.

The Brazilians are playing one of their next two World Cup qualification matches against Colombia and the coach is evidently keen to observe the strengths and weaknesses of what would be a not-so-mean opposition.

Given the lose situation of Brazil in the scheme of things in CONMEBOL, it is now about them fetching maximum output off every single match they are into. Finishing inside or at no. 4 in South America is essential for straight qualification.