24 replies on ““Arsenal could be genuine title contenders next season””

  1. I can see Arsenal struggling next year when they sell Walcott to Liverpool and RVP to Madrid and get in more average defenders.

    If Arsene Wenger wants to win things with Arsenal then he must buy some decent fullbacks.

  2. What does the CL have with the total number of trophies? We haven’t won shit for 7 years, yet you still haven’t even overtaken us with the amount of billions you’re using. Terrible.

  3. that’s what was said last year and the year before…………

    tbh i think we should be happy to stay top 4 for now. Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Sczcesny, Walcott, Gervinho, Song, maybe Mvilla, Chamberlain. Whilst Vermealen’s comitted to stay for ever and we have the great dilemma as to whether to trust koscienly to continue form or whether to sign a young CB like subotic.

    Arsenal have a great future but if i’m honest i think it’ll be another 2 years before we challenge for title.

  4. Arsenal need M’villa, Luuk De Jong and Wilshere fit. Then it’ll be us v Utd for third, with city and chelsea running away with it

  5. What the fuck is that woman doing there? Shouldn’t she be in the kitchen or somerthing :S? And I think to be title contenders for next season Wenger needs to sell the likes of Ramsey (who can be good at times but not consistent enough), Rosicky (who has been great lately but is too weak to for CM), Djourou, Chamakh, Park, Squillacci, Almunia etc. and splash out and buy some world class players, because if he wants to push for the title he needs to spend some money!

  6. Champions league is a priority this year. Its important for the club stature and the players that they are competing with the best in Europe. Its also important because it affects the type of players you can attract to the club. Look what have happened to Liverpool since they dropped out of Champions League. Get top 3rd this season, keep RvP, sign Podolski plus 2 or 3 more players and compete for silverware. If we dont win nothing next year then its not good enough im afraid.

  7. Arteta has improved arsenal defensively. Before no one used to cover for alex song.

  8. Arteta adds alot more defensively. Ramsey Song and Arteta can combine to do what cesc did.

  9. what the fuck are you on about both arteta and cesc are creative midfielders,the difference cesc is alot better

  10. Gotta love how heskey has made a lot of cash off the back off managers and chairman that fell for the idea he is a footballer. Great magician that lad.

  11. Theyr not winning the league next year. Those 2 cups are meaningless garbage, moral victories. Laud Wenger for this season where he lost THREE best offensive player, few teams could have stayed at the same spot if they lost their best 3 players. Throw in the 6missing fullbacks and Arse has done better than anyone could hope. But Citeh has two squads of internationals. Roman is mad at players= will go on buying spree and United will win this year. They dont have depth for whole season.

  12. tottenham are a bigger club than newcastle though and have a better team. newcastle finishing in the top 6 is a one off seeing how liverpool the club i support have been very poor league wise. i doubt newcastle will keep all their top players i.e. ba, cisse, tiote, krul etc long term. they had an easy fixture list to start with and just kept getting results. i don’t see them being a top 6 team next season.

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