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  1. we called his mum a whore, infact i still do. and his dad washes elephants. does the job though doesnt he

  2. see now youve started talking about spelling you know you lost the argument…

  3. so whats that got to do with money? nothing? haha no argument P.S nice going schezney

  4. oh yeah buying 4th place i cant remember how much money we have spent in the last few seasons… oh yeah one player on loan how could i forget??? 

  5. me? bitter? nahhhh i just find it funny that you scummers all celebrate finishing above us every season. werent you winning trophies a little while back? now beating a team that will apparently “forever be in your shadow” is your biggest achievement for the season. we are progressing, youre steadily getting shitter and shitter. you may have finished above us but only by a point. that shadow seems to be getting smaller and smaller. how the mighty have fallen

  6. LOL! Seeing all your comments just makes me think how bitter you are that your best time in years still finished behind one of our shittiest. How does it feel to be forever in our shadow? And calling us pathetic for bringing back the King? You signed Saha and that shit defender Nelson. It’s laughable that you would even bring something like that up. And using an excuse like “being shaken by our managers potential exit”… Yeah okay, that’s why you beat newcastle 5-0 the week before. GTFO

  7. Welcome to Tottenham you beauty. Future legend and Tottenham Captain there!

  8. Jeez. Arsenal had such a crappy season and yet they still finished third. Means all the teams ,except for the manchesters, just sucked.. Hope Arsenal can keep RVP but i doubt it. They need to get Huntelaar if RVP leaves.

  9. I’m not from england, Just wondering why the hell do you guys always hate eachother? :p I’m a fan from an belgian team, doesn’t mean I hate al the other belgian teams though. Still supporter for them aswell when they get into european cups.

  10. banging on about you being from south east london… were you alive and a fan before they switched to north london? no? then i ask you again. why the fuck are you a fan of a north london club? and look at you assuming you know where i live. how do you know im not from north london fucktard? arsenal are shit, still klinging on to their former glory. yerrrrr back then you had henry and ljungberg. who you got now? rosicky and walcott? laughable! even had to bring the hasbeen back on loan. pathetic

  11. because wenger is known for splashing cash? youve got a big mouth on you that needs shutting up. spurs were voted the most attractive footballing team in the premiership. arsenal were scraping through the majority of the season with van persie carrying you. you played fucking awful. then you beat a spurs team shaken by the potential loss of their manager (which you lost to in the reverse fixture i might add) and hit form for the last 10 games or so. big whoop.

  12. YIDO YIDO , we’ve got jan vertonghen we’ve got jan vertonghen we’ve got jan vertonghen 🙂

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