25 replies on “Real Madrid Campeones de Liga BBVA 2011/2012 (02.05.2012)”

  1. We are the Champions Hala Madrid <3
    Fuck you barcelona fuck you messi fuck u all

  2. en lugar de hasta el tercer grado o un título de 2 grados a 32, pero es extraordinario … REAL MADRID .. demasiado bueno para los rivales Hala Madrid

  3. miami would be winning it all if lebron wasn’t shit in the 4th quarter lol

  4. Another fucken loser. You prove my case dickhead, after all this years of Real Madrid and Barca is obvious that they would have more fans but who the fuck cares. Real sucks ass and the same goes to Barca. The spanish league is the most corrupt league of all time. So go fuck yourself and fuck your mom too.

  5. Worlds greatest sport is soccer!! Point period . Everyone else go f yourselves. Thumbs up! 😀

  6. You’re a fucking joke! Real Madrid has more fans than all the teams in the nba combined!!! You’re a fucking dumbshit just for coming to this video, no one in the world gives a shit about your crap NFL! Go fuck yourself u ain’t even got a dick!!!!

  7. The Spanish league is a joke and is sad. Only Barca and Real win, what about the rest? Can you imagine the NFL only New England and Colts always winning and the rest just hope for the best. Or in the NBA only Miami and Lakers winning? Sad, Sad, Sad.

  8. Hala Madrid! Campeones. Thanks for the video, great to see the team and Mourinho celebrating. Real por siempre. Real es una religion.

  9. I love real madrid and Ronaldo, I think you misunderstood my comment.

    What I was saying is that Ronaldo endures a lot of insults by other people, that it shows he’s a strong man by having such a few amount of obscene signs.

    I also suggested that the people who insult Ronaldo, should get insulted as much as Ronaldo gets insulted.

    I’m sorry if my English isn’t good enough to transfer my idea.

  10. If you take as much shit as Ronaldo, it’s a miracle he doesn’t give more fuckyou signs. I’d love to see some of the retards that dislike him get as much shit, see if they react more mature.

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