Stadium Designs For World Cup Unveiled

Located about 15 km away from Doha, the Lusail will be the biggest stadium ever to be used for a tournament. The 80,000 capacity Stadium will conduct the opening game of the cup and the first ever tournament to be held in the Arab world. The 2022 FIFA Cup Qatar is the first to take place in winter and is presumed to start on 21 November 2022.



Hassan Al Thawadi, the General Secretary of Qatar’s committee supreme for delivery and legacy has asked the world to be prepared to be amazed since it has been eight years since Qatar won the right to host a World Cup. He said that the promise of an amazing tournament would be delivered once again with the stunning design of the Lusail Stadium. It has also been proposed that the stadium will be converted into a hub for the community after the World Cup.

He also added that the stadium is a symbol of an exciting future and a nod to their past. Located at the heart of the city, he said, it sits on the same land as the home of The Founder. He proclaimed that it is a city for the future and that once the FIFA tournament is over, it will form a critical part of the heritage of the World Cup as it converts itself to become the heart of the new community.

However, Human Rights organizations have been condemning the labor practices and concerns have been raised regarding the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar who are constructing the new infrastructure for the World Cup. It was reported by Amnesty International that dozens of migrants working on the city which is to host the finals had been unpaid for months.